ISCO 2015

The 2nd International Symposium on Cycling Optimization took place just north of Münster, Germany in November 2015, organised by GebioMized, world leaders in the field of bike fitting with their pressure mapping technology. Delegates came from 25 nations around the world, as far afield as Japan, Singapore and the USA, to listen, discuss and introduce various presentations and workshops held by some of the foremost specialists in their areas.  Between the participants they had completed over 80,000 bike fits with over 400 years of combined fitting practice, so the level of experience in attendance was really of the highest order.

The symposium took place over a two-day period with a mix of presentations and workshops on the techniques and technologies at the forefront of bike fitting sector. A range of speakers from industries related to cycling and fitting took turns in leading the presentations and discussions during workshops to both impart their own in depth knowledge and generate conversation and debate with the experienced and knowledgeable attendees.

The talks began with a very thought provoking key note speech entitled “From Evolution to Revolution” by Phil Cavell wherein it was discussed how the human body has evolved and whether it is well suited to the limited range of positions forced upon it by the standard shape of a bicycle. This controversial introduction had the desired effect of engaging the attendees in discussion prior to the other presentations and workshops beginning. The opening day continued with presentations by Dr Andy Froncioni (an aerodynamicist working with the Canadian national cycling team) and Dennis Sandig (a sports scientist/coach) on topics of “Lessons Learned from Aero Feedback” and “Functional Motion Analysis in Bike Fitting”. These gave the audience an insight into the work being done by the presenters in their fields and gave quantitative data and analysis from their studies to allow the results to influence fitting on a day to day level, even without the use of equipment and facilities available during these studies. The talks kept going over the course of the symposium with 9 presenters in total running alongside the workshops.  Plenty of time between for discussions on what had been presented allowed the fitters to get to know one another and ensure they had fully gotten to grips with the content.

As a result we have updated our already comprehensive process in line with some of the points raised during the symposium.  In particular attempting to take more dynamic analysis measurements off the bike in a bid to replicate as best as possible functional movements expressed on the bike in isolation.

It was a fantastic event, run brilliantly by GebioMized and gave us a great insight into where the world of fitting is headed with a look into the cutting edge research being done in this field. It was thoroughly worth attending and will certainly aid us as we continue to try and bring the highest possible level of service to all our clients, whatever their level of riding. We look forward to implementing our new knowledge throughout our services and showing our clients how it can be of benefit to them personally!

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