Athlete Care

Realising your cycling potential


Sports massage can play an important part both in the prevention and treatment of injury, discomfort and niggles.  Cycling, particularly if your bike position is not quite right, can put your muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints under unnecessary stress and pressure.  As well as benefiting from a good bike fit, regular sports massage can improve your physical, physiological and psychological welfare.  

Sports massage can help keep your body in better condition, preventing injuries and loss of mobility as well as boosting performance.Sports massage can also help to get rid of the lactic acid your body produces during intense exercise, helping to speed up recovery time and reduce soreness.

Our training also includes a Level 2 Rocktape RockDoc qualification, helping us to utilise RockTape to help our clients “Go stronger, longer”. Taping has been particularly effective in helping clients to improve mobility through their posterior chain and also tweaking their posture whilst riding.

As part of our holistic approach to your overall well being and enjoyment on your bike you might also benefit from our performance testing and coaching services which will help to ensure that you use your own personal data to your best advantage.



60 minute massage £35

30 minute massage £20

Postural or Symptom Reduction Rocktaping £20

(Tape available to buy also – various colours!) £13.49 per 5m



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