Bike Fitting

Realising your cycling potential


A good bike fit can make a world of difference to both your performance and enjoyment on your bike.  Whether you have discomfort or niggles; want to improve your race times; increase your motivation; find your ideal bike position; whether you are new to cycling or a veteran …
at Pain Free Power we believe we can help.

Our training through the Trek Precision Fit Program and at GeobioMized’s International School of Optimisation in Münster, Germany (alongside our experience of fitting over 600 clients) allow us to work with clients to help them find the ideal position to suit their current physical abilities and goals. We utilise motion capture technology to ensure that the best view can can be obtained of the rider on their bike and analysed. This also allows us to go into detail with the rider of how they are interacting with their bike and ensure an efficient riding style. This is of particular importance to riders experiencing back ache when discussing posture or with riders wishing to get more efficient by reducing their frontal area for a lower coefficient of drag.

In Yorkshire our bike fitting is carried out in the studios of  Chevin Cycles.  Take a look and see what we can offer. If you’re not from the area however, do still get in touch! We are also able to travel and help out clients, having been as far afield as Stockholm to work with with a triathlon club on their bike positioning and technique during the pre-season. Hope to hear from you soon!


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