Realising your cycling potential


We believe in a client-centric approach to coaching; there is no one plan that would work for everyone! A free initial consultation is required to discuss what you require from a coach and see if we can help you to reach those goals.

Our coaching programs are run through Training Peaks, making it easy for you to see what has been set and receive feedback on your rides. The Training Peaks app will show you a calendar of your completed and planned activities as well as a reminder alert each morning to let you know what has been set for the coming day. To record activities it will draw data directly from your device (Garmin/Polar ect.) on saving at the end of a ride. This system makes it easy for us to track your progress and we will also schedule weekly communication to discuss how you have found the sessions and set new ones for the coming week. When signing up with us you receive a free Training Peaks account so there is no further cost incurred.

An initial testing procedure would be required with our coaching to ensure that we set accurate training zones and ensure that each of the sessions set is at an appropriate intensity for you. Retesting will also be factored in throughout the coaching cycle leading up to your goal when we feel it is necessary to track your progress.

Our dynamic plans allow us to adapt to changes that may occur over the cycle of your plan and ensure that your specific goals can be achieved. This also allows for remote coaching so even if you are further afield than the Yorkshire area we can still help!

Although all aspects of cycling can be catered for we specialise in coaching of time trialling and endurance events; following on from personal experience of competing in the inaugural Transcontinental Race in 2013 and finishing 13th at the 2016 National 24 Hour TT Championships. Not only will we focus on improving your physiological performance but we can also use our bike fitting experience to help to improve your positioning on the bike and reduce your drag.


Due to the adaptable process of our coaching programs there is no set cost and each is worked out on an individual basis to suit your needs and budget. So why not get in touch today and see how we can help you to realise your cycling potential!


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